Las Vegas, NV



Building 58,400 s.f.


Completion Date:

Dec 2011



Explore Knowledge


Explore Knowledge Academy is a public charter school sponsored by the Clark County School District.  This project consolidated all of their local campuses into one facility and includes grades Kindergarten through 12th grade with an 800 student capacity. The three original buildings were designed as an office complex, but never occupied.  With extra undeveloped exterior space at the back of the site, this facility was conducive to supporting the school’s curriculum and programs.


The primary school is located in the first building and includes the administration offices.  Each grade is housed in traditional style classrooms.  The secondary school is located in the 2nd building.  It contains large classrooms that support 4 classes at a time to support an instruction style that is open, collaborative, and project based. The third building contains a large lunch room that also functions as a performance space, and specialized classrooms.


The playground was constructed on undeveloped area at the back of the site, and spaces between the buildings were utilized for both small children playground areas and exterior dining areas.